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Collabs is a collections library for collaborative data structures. These are data structures that look like Set, Map, Array, etc., except they are synchronized between multiple users: when one user changes a collaborative data structure, their changes show up for every other user. You can use them to quickly build collaborative apps along the lines of Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, shared whiteboards, etc.

We call each collaborative data structure a Collab, for short.

@collabs/collabs is Collabs's main package. It contains Collabs's core and its built-in collaborative data structures, which are all hybrid op-based/state-based Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs).


See https://collabs.readthedocs.io/


Source Code

This package merely re-exports @collabs/core and @collabs/crdts. The actual code lives in their source folders: core, crdts.

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